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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

When you inquire to COSPA (hereinafter referred to as "the 
organization"), please agree to the following articles on 
our policy for handling personal information provided 
(hereinafter referred to as "the policy”). We will contact 
you back from the person in charge of the organization to 
your inquiry.
 We may not answer inquiries for commercial purposes.

About the handling of personal information
 1.Collection of personal information
  The organization collects the following information on 
  (1) For regular Inquiries: Your full name and Email 
  (2) About the use and sale of images: Information of the
      address, telephone number and bank account number 
      for business talks, in addition to (1).
  In case of inquiries from corporate customers the corpo-
  rate name and department name are included.

 2.Purpose of using personal information
  The organization will use personal information provided 
  (hereinafter referred to as "personal information") for 
  the purpose listed below in (1) and (2) and do not use for 
  other purpose than below.
  (1) To answer to inquiries
  (2) Only if you agree the inquiry form "Receive notice 
      from COSPA by email", to send notice of events, new 
      information etc. from the organization.
  (3) Product delivery for the purpose of using / selling 
      the copyrighted work of the organization, payment set-
      tlement, inquiry correspondence, Information by post,
    e-mail and etc.

3.Change purpose of use
  (1) Purpose of using personal information may be changed 
   without prior notice.
    When the organization changes the purpose of use, the 
     information provider (hereinafter referred to as "the 
     provider") will be notified about the changed purpose 
     of use, or the organization will make it public on this 
  (2) If you do not agree with the purpose of use after the 
     change, basing on this policy of "7. Disclosure, corre-
     ction, suspension of use”, please delete it so that we 
     can contact you.

4.Incorrect contact information
  If there are some error in personal information provided 
  or lack of personal information for answering inquiries, 
  the organization cannot contact the provider.

5.Storage and management
  The organization shall establish rules relating to the 
  storage and management of personal information and take 
  safety measures and rational preventive measures against 
  illegal access, loss of personal information, destruction, 
  tampering, leakage, etc.

6.Third party provision and disclosure
  The organization does not provide or disclose personal in-
  formation beyond the scope of purpose without obtaining ag-
  reement of the provider in advance to third parties, inclu-
  ding consignment of handling of personal information.
  There is the possibility of disclosure of personal informa-
  tion without prior consent of the provider in the following 
  (1) When there is a request for disclosure from the compe-
      tent ministries and agencies based on laws and regulati-
  (2) In cases when It is in necessity for the protection of 
      human rights, life, property, and it is difficult to 
      obtain the consent of the provider himself / herself.
  (3) When Government agencies, local public organizations, 
      or third parties entrusted with them perform administra-
      tive affairs prescribed by laws and regulations, ask the
    organization to cooperate and when there is a risk of 
      interfering in order to do so by obtaining the consent 
      of the provider himself / herself.

7.Disclosure / correction / suspension / deletion
  If the provider has requirement to notify use purpose of 
  personal information, to disclose·correct· delete personal 
  information, to suspend / cancel personal information,contact 
  the Consultation Service.

8.Personal Information Consulting Service
  COSPA, Personal Information Consultation Service

9.Personal Information Protection Administrator
  COSPA Koichiro Akechi