COSPA パナマ野生蘭保護活動

Introduction ~Wild Orchids of Panama~

「Internet Encyclopedia of Panamanian wild orchids」

 COSPA made the encyclopedia of CD’ROM in 2003 by the assistance 
of many members concerned in COSPA.
 In this occasion, we decide to publish the new version by web 
with some corrections and addition of new photos.

 In the previous version, photos taken by Koichiro Akechi and 
Fuzuki Miura were used. After the publication of previous one, 
many photos taken by Mitsunao Hyoudo and other members. Therefor 
in this edition those photos are added.

 Recently there are some names of the genus or species of wild 
orchids changed.
 For example, the orchid genus Cattleya distributed in Panama 
and some other Central American countries which have two leaves 
are on a bulb transferred to genus Guarianthe. In this edition 
we also looked such points.

 This new project was promoted by Koichiro Akechi, Mitsunao 
Hyodo and Manabu Honma and web editing done by Natsumi Suyama.
 One of important executors, Fuzuki Miura passed in Panama where 
she deeply appreciated January, 2006. We express our sincere 
condolence on the loss of her.

 We hope the better understanding of wild orchids of Panama  
leadsthe promotion of the activities for conservation of plants 
faced to the risk of extinction.
 We express sincere thanks to the members of APROVACA and COSPA 
who cooperate to us for this Internet Encyclopedia of Panamanian 
wild orchid.